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Bed Bugs -  Bed Bugs are becoming a severe problem in the U.S. They are one of the few pests that are brought into a home, typically when the homeowners return from domestic or international travel. Other ways to aquire these pests are from purchasing used furniture, yard sale shopping or guests that visited your home and brought them from their home.


Yellow Jackets - Wasps will defend their nests, but the Yellow Jackets and Hornets are the most aggressive. They can be distinguished from bees by their thin "waists." Bees are thick-wasted. They fold their wings lengthwise when at rest. Like all wasps, yellow jackets prey on a variety of insects and other arthropods. Yellow jackets will also forage on foods that people eat, especially sweets and meats.They are considered beneficial insects, eating other insects. The yellow jacket colony will remain active for only one summer, after which the queens will fly away to start more colonies. The remaining ones, die at the end of the summer. The nest is not reused.


Termites - With spring time fast approaching so are termites! Termites typically swarm in the months of March-May. During the swarm season I receive allot of calls from customs saying that they have flying ants. Yes, ants can have wings but so can termites! They best way to tell if you have a problem with reproductive termites or ants is to examine three things. Termites will have two sets of wings that are equal length, ants do not. Termites will have two straight antennae. Ants will have bent antennae. Lastly termites will have a full segmented body and ants will have a segmented body. Meaning that ants bodies are three separate parts. When the home owner finds swarming reproductive termites in their home its mother natures way of saying, "Houston we have a problem!". Termites are found in the earth and constantly forage. When foraging termites find your home they will build very small mud tunnels up the center block foundation until they find wood or any other cellulose material. Once wood is found, the damage begins! Homeowners should have their homes inspected once a year for termite activity. If at anytime during the spring or fall you should happen to see what looks like flying ants don't assume that's what it is. They very well could be reproductive termite swarmers. Swift Creek Pest Control offers free termite inspections for your home or business. If termite activity is found we can provide a fast, safe and effective treatment to ensure that your investment is protected!


Back Widow Spider - The most common pest that people fear the most are spiders. Over the years I have heard many people say that all spiders are poisonous and once bitten you will either become very sick or worse die! Well, this is far from the truth! In fact, spiders help the environment more than destroy it. All spiders do have a venom. Two native Virginia species that can pose a life threatening emergency if left untreated are the black widow (pictured) or the brown recluse. Both are common but the brown recluse is found more in the mountainous region of the state. Other spiders such as the wolf, jumping and funnel web spider will pack a very painful bite. However, they do not pose any serious health complications. Spiders do not cause any damage to your home. They will however leave unsitely amounts of webbing that can look unpleasant to your guest or clients! Consumer chemicals are relatively ineffective in controlling spiders unless they are sprayed directly on them. When controlling spiders, the home or business owner should contact a professional pest management company. Our company uses a specialized micoencapsolated pesticide that eliminates spiders and their webs once and for all!


Ants - Of all species of pests, ants by far are the most difficult for the home owner to control. Why is this? Its very simple. Ants have what are known as colonies. Ant colonies consist of several queens (reproductive females), males, and workers (nonreproductive females). Colonies range in size from a few thousand to over one hundred thousand! For ants to survive and reproduce, they need moist harborage places, water, carbohydrates and proteins. This is why that ninety percent of the time ants will be found in kitchens, bathrooms and office breakrooms. These rooms offer a water source and foods with carbohydrates/proteins. Ants can also be very damaging. It is not uncommon for ants to have several "satellite" colonies that will nest in appliances, heating and air handling systems or electrical junction boxes. This can cause disaster to your home or office due to the fact that by ants nesting in these ares they can cause electrical devises to short out or worse cause a fire! Since ant colonies have several queens, home and business owners should not to attempt to eradicate the problem themselves. Consumer pesticides are simply ineffective and will not kill all reproductive queens in the colony. 


Ticks - Ticks dont jump, fly and move very slow. They are small, very patient and amazing in their approach to locating their host/prey.  Their purpose in life like so many species is to propagate their species.  They don't feed often, but when they do, they can acquire disease agents form one host and pass it to another host at a later feeding.  Their sensory organs are complex and they can determine trace amounts of gases, such as carbon dioxide left by warm-blooded animals and man.  They can sense the potential host's presence from long distances and even select their ambush site based upon their ability to identify paths that are well traveled. 


Cockroaches - What is the number one pest that can spread disease and can infest faster than most general pests? Cockroaches! The five most common cockroaches found in Virginia are Oriental, German, American, Wood and Smokey Brown Cockroaches. Each of these species require water, a food source and dark harborage places to survive. With most homes having sprinkler systems, wooded lots, flower gardens and mature vegetation it creates the perfect environment for cockroaches to thrive. This is the very reason why it becomes difficult for the business or home owner to control themselves. Common ares that cockroaches can be found are crawlspaces, basements, garages, gutters, attics, cabinetry, bathrooms and kitchens. Its not uncommon though to find them in any room of the home or office. The best method for controlling and eradicating cockroaches from a structure is by having the home or business treated on a routine basis. By doing so, the technician can treat all harborage areas, remove all food sources and lastly identify moisture problems.

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