Fleas are small wingless insects that rely on a warm-blooded host to live. The often enter the home in pets’ fur and proceed to infest the areas the pets inhabit most. These pests cause some swelling and itching of bite sites and can carry diseases.


Ticks don’t jump or fly and move very slow. However, their sensory organs are complex, and they can determine trace amounts of gases, such as carbon dioxide, left by warm-blooded animals. They can sense the potential host's presence from long distances and even select their ambush site based upon their ability to identify paths that are well-traveled. They don't feed often, but when they do, they can acquire diseases from one host and pass it to another.


Mosquitos are some of the most annoying insects for homeowners. Humid weather and damp environments enable extensive breeding, and standing water is ideal for laying eggs. These insects pose a threat in that they can transmit life-threatening diseases such as West Nile Virus to humans and heartworm to pets.

Because these pests have the ability to spread disease, they should be dealt with as soon as you are aware of them. Contact Swift Creek Pest Control for a consultation.

Interior Flea $175 - $200

ticks and flea
Top Right: Flea; Top Left, Bottom Left & Right: Tick

Yard Treatment $150 - $175

Mosquito on leaf