These obnoxious pests dig burrows so that they can easily escape, making them hard to get rid of. Homes offer an abundant source of food, and they will gnaw through most kinds of material, even metal, to get to it. In addition to the fleas they bring, their feces and urine can bring the risk of disease into your home. The easiest sign to spot that there may be a rat infestation is their droppings.


Although they rely on the same kinds of food, mice are very different from rats. While rats create burrows for access to homes and nesting, mice shred plastics, cardboards, and other materials commonly found in homes to build nests. Mice also get into homes via crevices and small gaps in walls and baseboards.

Both rats and mice potentially carry diseases that can be transmitted to residents and pets. The health risks are high, and we recommend contacting a professional pest control service as soon as you notice them.

Rats & Mice $175-$200