The most common pest that people fear are spiders; however most species of spider are not harmful and do not pose a threat to families or pets. Spiders help the environment by controlling insect populations such as mosquitoes and flies.

Although most spiders are not harmful, two native Virginia species that can pose a life threatening emergency are the black widow and the brown recluse. Both are common, but the brown recluse is typically found in the mountainous region. These spiders should be dealt with by professionals immediately.

Other spiders such as the wolf, jumping, and funnel web spider will pack a very painful bite. However, they do not pose any serious health complications.

Spiders tend to find their way into a home through cracks in windows or doors or by hitchhiking on items coming into the home from outside. Nonetheless, they do not cause any damage to your home, though their webbing can look unpleasant.

Consumer chemicals are relatively ineffective in controlling spiders unless they are sprayed directly on them. The homeowner should contact a professional pest management company to handle any spider-related eradication. Our company uses a specialized microencapsulated pesticide that eliminates spiders and their webs once and for all.

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